Thursday, September 28, 2006

WE HAVE MOVED (hopefully for the LAST time!) !!! Due to problems uploading pictures, I have moved our family blog to:
Thanks for moving with us! See you at Typepad...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

OK - Blogger is completely freaking out on me..Please visit our new blog at
Question of the Day
If your child stuck his head in the toilet bowl so that he could sing his favorite song would you:
1. Be grossed out;
2. Be impressed - obviously he understands the benefits of good acoustics;
3. Be concerned for what the future may hold....
In case you were wondering (but you know that you weren't), it was Dalton who gives new meaning to the phrase 'singing in the bathroom.'

As I pulled Dalton's head out of the potty, Braxton came running in to tell me (with a big smile on his face) "I messed up your computer, Mommy!" And sure enough, he did.

Mike is sick today. Yesterday it was the kitten. Before that it was me and before me it was the boys. I am starting to doubt my bottle of Lysol - either it doesn't work OR the germ that has invaded our house is the .1% of the germ population that Lysol does not kill.

I think I am going to go to bed with the boys tonight. We will see if that actually happens. I have nocturnal ADHD (OK, OK , so some may argue that it isn't just at night). Must go get the boys ready for bed....

Thursday, September 14, 2006

So, why is it that I can't seem to keep my car clean? It is a mess - a disgusting sea of petrified food and half-broken toys. Water bottles do not reside in the cupholders that were designed to hold them - instead they float around the automobile occasionally brushing against my leg making me think there is something crawling up my leg. I do clean it out - really, I do. I vacuum and scrub the carpet (try getting the McD's caramel from the Apple Dippers out of the carpet - not fun) and I still look like I am driving the white trash mobile of the year. Ugh.
Ok, enough about that!
Well, I have an official date! Tom from the Big Yellow Box (BYB) corporate offices called and they will be coming to Nashville to hold an opportunity meeting on October 3rd! YEAH and YIKES! I also found out that I am responsible for running most of the meeting. Sometime this week, 50,000 emails will go out to people in the Nashville area who have signed up on the website. Meanwhile, it is up to me to spread the word. So, here goes:
Big Yellow Box by Crayola is a home-based business. We represent a line of all-inclusive craft kits for kids and adults. We focus on helping families and friends spend quality time together getting creative and making memories! On October 3rd at 7:00pm, we will present a video and a demonstration of what it is we do (home parties, fundraisers, birthday parties, etc). This will be a no-pressure informational meeting. We are a very young and very fun company, and we are looking to create a presence in Nashville! Now for the best part - if you refer someone who ends up signing up (or you refer yourself!) you will receive a free BYB craft kit!
OK - enough work, it is now time for me to go play with my kiddos! No pictures today, just me rambling!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

So, yesterday, the kids started looking through a catalog that came in the mail and they decided that they should get just about everything in it. I laughed and told them to put it on their list for Santa. A couple of minutes later I checked to see what they were up to and lo and behold they were 'making' a list for you know who! Cracked me up and made me a little worried...I think Christmas gift giving might be a little more challenging this year!

Then again, Santa doesn't usually bring presents for little boys who put kittens in garbage cans. All metal garbage can that is. Poor little Mickey was "hidden" during a game of hide and seek (I didn't realize the cat was also playing this game). However, Dalton evidently forgot to find her. After we left and came home - 4 HOURS later - I heard a faint little "meoooow" coming from the trash can (that and our other cat was just sitting there staring at the can). I opened it up and this poor kitty was sweating from top to bottom. I can't even tell you how hot it was in that can. There was even condensation on the underside of the lid (it is one of those stainless steel cans with a foot lever). I wasn't sure if the poor thing was going to make it. I asked Braxton who put Mickey in the garbage - he smiled and said Dalton. I yelled to Dalton to come here and find Mickey. That little stinker went right to the can and looked quite surprised when Mickey wasn't there. I tried to explain to him that he absolutely could not hide Mickey especially in the garbage can...he felt bad and moped around for awhile, but got over it. Mickey avoided him for about an hour and now they "play" just like old pals. I am amazed at how much that little kitty is willing to put up with!

My poor sick little babies! (Blogger wouldn't let me load them up to my last post)

This one is for you Chelle :)
OK, so my little 'Type A' mind has been contemplating the question, "Why can't I EVER seem to sit down and blog?" Funny thing is I *think* about doing it all of the time. I even create in my mind what I am going to write about. BUT, I never get around to doing it. Instead I do dishes, clean the house, do laundry, work on my Crayola stuff, dream up 50 new ideas to get the picture. Suddenly it is 1am and I am feeling a little tired. Here is tonight's "To Do" List:
1. Pick-up house (it is a disaster)
2. Sanitize (we have been sick the last few days)
3. Paint a stencil on the wall in the office (something I have not done before)
4. Touch-up the existing paint
5. Blog (of course)
6. Organize the guest room (I think Scrap It exploded in that room)
OK, so let me at least get one thing done. Here is what we have been up to:
SICK, sick sick. The babies caught a nasty flu. Poor Braxton layed on couch all night and Dalton sat in the sink with the water running on him (I have never seen him do this before, but it seemed to calm him down). Fortunately, I started taking Congaplex right away and weathered it pretty well ( I LOVE that stuff). Mike left on Monday for a business trip and will return on Sunday. He was able to come home Thursday night to help me get some laundry done (I had to use ALL of our towels to clean up after the boys - need I say more??!!) and to help monitor Braxton. He ran a higher than normal heart rate all night due to having a fever, but fortunately it never became serious. Mike had to leave Friday morning - good thing, because all we did was lay around and feel yucky. Hopefully he won't come down with it.
Babies. How funny. They are anything but babies anymore and yet I find myself always calling them that. I guess they will always be my little babies :).
So Mike has sleep apnea. I have been asking him to go and checked out for about 2 years. I have been threatening him for about 10 months. The first time he mentioned it to his doctor (last November) they had a good laugh. His doc said, "Every man who snores has a wife who thinks he has sleep apnea." Ha Ha Ha Stinkin' Ha. Fast forward to August 2006. The woman at the place that supplies the CPAP machine that Mike will now be wearing told him that his case is one of the worst she has ever seen. The insurance company won't pay 100% for the equipment unless the patient scores over 15. Mike scored 75. He stopped breathing 120 times in 4 hours. Huh. Not so funny after all boys, is it?! I am just glad that he will be feeling better - at least once he gets used to the machine.
So, tomorrow I am ready to take on the world. We are getting back on track with our budget, I am going to stop obsessively eating and actually follow the diet I keep telling myself I am on, I am going to get caught up on all of my Crayola work stuff AND I am going to start scrapbooking a page a week. I am also going to be true to my blog name - tangential ramblings - and I am going to ramble in tangents on a regular basis :) Bring on the week!