Friday, July 28, 2006

OK. What is my problem? Why can't I seem to get it together enough to write every night? My cousin will be in town next week, so I will get caught up and make a fresh start! Meanwhile, a lot has gone on - I left the boys for the first time EVER, we took on a short-term part-time job (what were we thinking??) and we "rescued" a kitten. We are now off to the vet to have her checked out as she seems to be pretty sick. Let's hope she is OK. She is the sweetest little thing. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well....will write (and read your blogs) as soon as I can!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

So what's new you ask? Well let's see....the boys have figured out that if Dalton climbs onto the counter and grabs our keys that between the two of them they can 1. pick out the house key; 2. insert it correctly into the keyhole and 3. unlock and open the front door. The first time we realized they possessed this skill, they were heading down the stairs in front of our house. Great.

Dalton also found it quite amusing to take a coin and stick it into the bottom of his train. He then proceeded to use the side of the van as his 'tracks'. I now have a very long scratch running down the side of my car.

Braxton got in trouble the other day - he was REFUSING to listen. So I did what came naturally - I put my finger in the air in the 'mommy pointing' position and told him he needed to start listening. He looked me dead in the eyes and put his finger in the air, shook it at me and said 'don't say that to me.'

So, what's new with you?!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The tuxedos are in!!! YEAH! We are getting so excited for Ryan and Carly's wedding - less than a month away!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Can't live with him, can't live without him! What is going on here? The boys are fighting over EVERYTHING. If we have two of the same toy, they still want to have the same one. But when we separate them, they don't want to play by themselves - they want to play together!
This evening, Braxton and Dalton both decided they wanted to sit at the end of the table for dinner. Instead of eating, we spent 10 minutes trying to persuade (ie: threaten) the boys so 'share' that end of the table. As you can see, it didn't work so well. UGH! Not sure what to do about this lovely "stage"!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Our kids have an entirely new vocablulary lately :

Braxton rushed into the room and said "Mommy, my chest isn't booming anymore - the medicine worked!"

I asked him if it was booming while he was playing just now and he said yes (this is how we know he is having a heart episode - he will tell us that his chest or stomach is booming fast like a race car).

I listened and could tell that it was faster than normal, but he wasn't in an episode at that moment. He ran off and played. So now I am very curious and a bit worried. I wait a little while and I asked him again if his chest was booming while he was playing. His answer?

He said, "Just relax, Mom. Don't worry about it!" WHAT? Where did he learn that from?
Just wait little Braxton. You will learn soon enough - this mom doesn't 'just relax' and she worries about everything! After all, it's my job :)

Trying to get caught up on pictures! These are from when my mom came to visit. It is so nice to know that family is just a phone call away! I called my parents (who live in Illinois) from the hospital when Braxton was in because of his heart. My brother and sister made plane reservations and got her out here on the next flight. She was a huge help - just wish she could have stayed longer! Thanks to everyone who helped pull her last-minute trip together!

Mike's mom went in for surgery on the same day - hope you are feeling better soon Mamaw!

My sweet babies are no longer always sweet and they aren't babies anymore :(
Dalton's latest comment is "Whatever!" Both of them are now saying "He's a loser - capital 'L'!
Hello????? Where have my sweet things gone and where are they learning this???
Come to find out that 'Wilbur's Great Adventure (the sequel to Charlotte's Web) is where they are picking most of this up!

Here are the rest of the pictures!

The last month in pictures (finally!)
1. The boys are in that 'beat each other up with sticks' phase. Great. Every chance they get they are grabbing their bats, plastic golf clubs, my bamboo sticks that I never used in their jungle play room - anything they can get their hands on. Then they hit each other.
2. Jumping - against their mother yelling at them not to do it. I know, I know, hard to listen to mom say no when she has a camera pointed right at you! Mike and I could not believe that they were jumping that far - ouch! They thought it was hysterical. This latest stunt is now on the "Do Not Do" list.
3. Swimming with Ashley, Austin, Mason and our new friend Gabriel!
4. Braxton at Vanderbilt Children't Hospital being visited by his brother and eating the one thing he kept requesting - a brownie (at 9 in the morning, mind you)!
5. The Beckman romper room! The Greene kids and our kids got together to play while Mommy and Daddy Greene went out for the evening! As long as I kept the trains behind locked doors, all was well. The kids had a blast playing and watching movies. The two party boys - Austin and Dalton - were the only ones awake at 11 o'clock when Chelle and Greg arrived!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How adorable is this???? I FINALLY ordered the boys tuxedos today - they will be wearing them next month at my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law's wedding!! We are so excited - we all absolutely love his fiance!
The boys are also going to wear their tuxes for my cousin's wedding in October! Their second cousin Kaiden will be joining them - he is 4. How cute they will all look! We are so excited for Megan's wedding as well - it is going to be a very festive few months!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

OK. I know, you are asking yourself 'why did she change her url?" Well, in true *me* fashion, I had to start all over. For those of you who are going to comment that they had to update their links- sorry :). It needed to be done for a few reasons:
1. When I started blogging, it was because Chelle said I had to. Seeing as she had a blog, I wasn't about to be outdone. She already has one up on me with the whole triplet thing.
2. I didn't really get this whole 'blog' thing (where did that name come from anyway??). Now, after reading a million of them, I realize that it is a great place to record the random things that we all think about and do that make us individuals. Plus, it is of course a great place to show off pictures of our adorable kids :).
3. New name = new commitment. My goal is to blog every night. It is also to expand beyond writing only about the kids. At least that is the goal!
Thanks for stopping by!!
P.S. - I will NOT be updating my other blog.